Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog #1

Character: Kirby
Colors:  Pink
Light: Show him in brighter lighting
 Shape: Round

 Pink represents Kirby's characteristics in many ways. The color of these flowers just emits a sort of softness. Generally, pink is a lighter, more uplifting color. Kirby, being a character that is constantly traversing the skies and clouds, mostly floating to get around, automatically fits perfectly to the color pink. The pink flowers in this picture radiate happiness, much like how Kirby tries to maintain peace and encourage happiness. Pink also symbolizes sweetness, being the color of Valentine's Day, cotton candy, and flowers like these. The sweetness of pink translates to Kirby's heroic, but caring nature.
 Kirby's character would be depicted in a light manner to represent many aspects of his character. Much like the man in this picture, Kirby is a champion. Kirby thwarts the efforts of his opponents to save people from evil and destruction. The beings of Kirby's world depend on his ability to triumph over others, so showing Kirby in light like the man above also symbolizes he is succeeding, in other words..."the good guy always wins." Putting Kirby in the spotlight like this man also confirms his importance. Being the main character of his story, Kirby is more likely to appear lightened up.
Kirby is also round in many ways, just like these marshmallows. The marshmallows round shape allows it to appear soft because of the lack of sharp edges or corners. Kirby, the happy, caring hero, is round to show his soft, squishy body. Not only is he physically soft, but he is emotionally soft, protecting the beings of his land from harm. Pointed characters appear more harsh at first, compared to Kirby's roundness, which instantly makes him look safer and harmless. Marshmallows are less threatening, being rounded, than a knife, which is pointed and sharply edged.

Character: Metaknight
Color: Blue, Silver, Purple
Light: Shadowed
Shape: Pointed sword and shoulderpads

Metaknight’s armor is blue, silver, and purple mostly over his entire body, minus his signature yellow sword. These colors, being darker, represent Metaknight’s antagonistic character well. Dark blue colors allow characters to appear much more mysterious and conflicted, like this dark blue water. The purple and silver of Metaknight’s armor exude a feeling of nobility, considering Metaknight is a knight…it is fitting that he is colored this way. Aside from the mystery and nobility that come from these colors, they are also a good contrast to Kirby’s light, uplifting pink, making Metaknight the perfect rival for Kirby.
Metaknight, being the character of mystery and illusion, is often depicted in shadows. Shadows allow the child in the picture to be silhouetted, but still unidentifiable. Metaknight’s character wants to remain hidden, so he can swiftly overwhelm his foes. This shroud of mystery is often associated with antagonists.  Darkness is often linked to wickedness and evil, as well. The child in the picture almost seems evil just because we cannot see his face (you often fear what you cannot see). While, not every antagonist is “wicked” per se, the methods of Metaknight’s madness is much different from Kirby’s, making the contrast of shadow versus light great for contrasting Metaknight and Kirby’s conflicting characters.
While the Kirby universe is full of mostly rounded, soft-looking characters, Metaknight is one of the few with edges and points in his design. Instantly,  the points of Metaknight’s sword and armor attract the eye and convey his nobility. The sword in this picture has your eyes travel along the lines of the edge of the sword to the point, much like Metaknight’s blade. Attracting your eyes to the blade automatically shows Metaknight’s worthy strength, and the points of his armor represent his worthy defense. These “edges and points” depict Metaknight’s contrast to Kirby’s completely rounded character as well.

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