Monday, November 7, 2011

Blog #7

Scene from The Watchmen

One of the main underlying themes of The Watchmen is the complexity of human nature. In this scene, each character exemplifies human nature actively. Rorschach wants to fight for truth and justice anyway necessary, even if he will be killed for it. Dr. Manhattan knows he must keep Ozymandias's secret hidden, or else the humans themselves will destroy each other with war. The Night Owl knows there is nothing he can do to stop Dr. Manhattan, so he must sit by as his friend is blown into a million pieces. The theme, however, is also didactic, considering Dr. Manhattan clearly states he cannot change human nature in the clip.

This scene is one of the most climactic in the movie, as well as one of the last important scenes between the characters. Considering this, the scene has to put many different interesting aspects to use to keep everyone's full attention and interesting. Rhythm and movement are used together perfectly in the scene from the start to finish. As soon as Rorschach makes his way away from Ozy's large base, the camera angle arcs around Rorschach, only revealing Dr. Manhattan as an obstacle in his way...clearing stating "if you want to leave, you have to go through me". The snow falling around the three outside is also still, giving the scene even more of an urgency (even the snow has to stop and listen). Line is also used in this scene, especially on the shots of Rorschach during the conversation. Rorschach is looking to Dr. Manhattan off screen, but Rorschach's line of sight directly passes through Night Owl blurred in the background. This reinforces that even though the Night Owl is there, he is helpless to change the matter (this becomes even more subtextual if you think about how Night Owl is helpless to change the situation between his two comrades, or the situation between Russia and America throughout the movie). Space is even used in this scene; after the camera zooms out on Rorschach as he is blown up, the viewer sees the radius of his...matter flying out around where his person used to stand. Seconds later, the same "shape" is used by Night Owl as his throws his hands up and yells for his fallen amigo. The makeup of a scene is always purposeful, but never blatantly obvious; directors and cinematographers try to remain subtle when using all of these techniques to create a great movie.

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